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Hi!  I am Summer Quashie, an artist of many means, trained in Yoga and Buddhism,  arts and crafts and vegetarian cooking. Being taught to draw from the right side of my brain at an early age opened a world of philosophical questions that led me to art school at UGA, world travel and deep studies in Yoga and Buddhism.

I have been teaching yoga since 2001 and have certifications in Hatha Yoga, Radiant Child, Prenatal, Lineage Project and Master Level Reiki.  It has been an honor to have co-created and taught several yoga teacher programs- Sacred Shape Prenatal, Communicating with Kids Through Yoga, Yoga Sukhavati 300hr Greenhouse Holistic YTT 200hr and Yoga Peace Kula 200 & 300hr.   

I am a nerd, a lover of knowledge, experience and people.  I’m here on the planet to learn and awaken unconditional love and spread it like wildfire.

Retreats are a powerful part of my life.  It is in retreat that I have  broken habitual tendencies that run deep and learned the ancient wisdom of compassionate masters. Each year I lead several retreats to beautiful places in nature, where students and friends can find ease and arrive in the seat of themselves.   

Currently, I live on the Jersey shore with my daughter, where I am the spiritual director of the non profit yoga studios, Yoga Peace Kula.  The mission is to make yoga financially accessible to all.  I feel blessed with the work I do, please reach out if you’d like to connect for healing work and/or mentorship on integrating the spiritual and physical.

My classes are contemplative sacred geometry, chock full of accessible alignment, meditative moments and the occasional trip outside to feel the bare feet on the earth, no matter the season.

In her quiet and understated way, meeting Summer and being in her energy has been one of the most powerful experiences of my year. Her sense of inner stillness is beyond time and space. She has such profound depth and wisdom. Her heart is vast with love, warmth, and compassion. She truly sees into the essence and soul of people, and creates safe space to be as you are, while encouraging and acknowledging the person and providing meaningful insight in such a seamless and natural way. And she has such an amazing sense of humor! She is connected to what is beyond what changes on a daily basis, yet is present with and appreciates the present moment. This is such a rare and precious quality that makes her shine like gold.
— Mital Khatri, LAc, RN

"Summer is an amazing guide and teacher full of centuries of wisdom to offer.  One weekend of retreat with her is more relaxing and powerful than ten vacations put together. "

                                         - Maria Haddad

summerquashie (at) gmail (dot) com