Healing the Fear of Going Public

There was a battle going on inside of me.  It felt like a wave of confirmation to “go public” and wake my voice from a yoga classroom to the world wide web crashed into my inner artist who always wants to reinvent the wheel. The fear of losing authenticity or even the present moment applicability feels real with writing blog posts and creating online content. The flip side, however,  is that social media and the internet can be a new form of art and healing for me to learn and love.  


The internet has become the connective tissue of the living organism the world has become.  

I know how to balance my time between a computer screen and nature, stillness and creation.  

My biggest challenge comes down to people pleasing. My whole life I’ve worried what people of think of me, how I am perceived and letting others down.  When I think of putting work online, I worry about the trollers and the haters, I also worry that I will be judged by my closest and respected peers.

So here is my manifesto I’m going to check in with as I start offering authentic online experiences:

  1. Stop caring what people think. I’m 38.  It’s time to let that sh*t go already.

  2. Balance stillness and creation. Nature and a computer screen.

  3. Offer the vulnerable, authentic heart lessons I receive, so who ever reads might benefit.