Ingredients for Staying Alive



A weekly swim in a body of water that can cleanse the energetic field.

Daily nourishing hugs from a little one.

Listening to the call of birds and watching them soar.

Barefeet on the grass, whenever there’s grass available.

A good talk with the fire in every season.

Scents that remind you of who you are.

Know when something is toxic and you don’t need it.

Truly believe you see and hear mermaids, starships and faeries.

Sit each morning and see the drama of the thoughts and smile.

Love each season for the gifts it brings.

Acknowledge the beauty you see when you look in the mirror.

Enjoy a cup of sarcasm when sitting with trusted friends who’ve worked on their ego recognition.

Stand tall with inner thighs back, tailbone tucked and heart lifted.

Hang with the challenging conversation.

Set your price, worth and stick to it.

Draw, paint, sing, dance to express the inside out.

Pray a big prayer everyday for the world, your family, friends and the earth herself.

from a writing prompt by the illustrious  

Caits Meissner,  check out her amazing work and courses.