Five Ways to Know It's Time to Leave Your Job

Even though you may have been excited about your job for years, when it becomes hard to find the joy, something has to change.  The following are common signs I’ve found through interviewing people who have made a significant transition from disconnection, pain, boredom to live a life they feel inspired by.   Check out these signs below and see if it might be time to do some deeper reflection on your soul's purpose.

  1. You have a nagging feeling that you are here for more than what you are currently doing.  Life is about the experience, not just making money and then becoming another medical static.  You know this.  It’s just the fear of false security that your job offers that you are afraid of letting go of.

  2. Your talents, gifts and skills are not seen or being utilized. You may be skilled at the task you are asked to do at your job, but you could care less about it.  What you do with enthusiasm and comes so easily to you doesn’t have an outlet where you are.

  3. You have have chronic pain and/or extreme fatigue.  Our bodies hold infinite intelligence.  Contemplate for a moment the extraordinary intelligence of cell division.  Your body is trying to tell you something if you are living with chronic fatigue or pain.

  4. You no longer feel aligned with what you are being asked to do.  Your spiritual practice, dabbling in yoga, meditation and nature feels like left field from your professional life. It’s hard to see how you are making a difference and contributing to society in the way you want to.  And you might feel like you have two separate selves that aren’t integrated.  This can lead to addictive behaviors, like negative eating habits, smoking, gossip, drinking, over exercising.

  5. You’ve played by the script and now you’re waking up to marionette you’ve been.  You got the right education, landed the successful job, even took the promotion, but there’s a hollow feeling.  You’ve always done what appeared right from the outside looking in.  You’ve blindly taken what has fallen into your lap, instead of asking, “How does this feel?  What do I want most from life?”

If you any of these resonated with you, please join me Thursday May 26 for a free Virtual Training, Clarify Your Soul’s Purpose.