“Dignity does not consist in possessing honors, but in deserving them.” — Aristotle

This post is from Wayne Dyer.  I had heard his name, but never investigated his work before he died.  Now, he seems to come to me as a guide, support and role model.  I deeply honor his process, words and how he found the unity in all traditions. 

To understand the way the ego works, you must realize that this false vision of yourself believes that earth is home. If you identify yourself as no more than an earthling, as the ego wants you to, then your happiness and fulfillment will be in the form of the physical things in the manifest world.

But there is an aspect of you that knows that these things do not provide the spiritual fulfillment that is the promise of the sacred quest. Planet earth is not your only home. What it offers you is only partially satisfactory to the invisible you within the form of your body. That inner aspect knows that this life on earth is not its ultimate destiny.

However, most of us have been convinced by the sturdy and determined ego that appearances are what life is about, and that rewards are a result of appearances. The inner self knows that this is all very fleeting because the rewards you receive for youthfulness and physical strength, for example, will diminish as those physical qualities deteriorate.

The nonphysical you is eternally observing the physical transformation of your body. This realm of the higher self is dominated by an inner self that is aware of the realities of earth and of heaven. It is immune to the pleas of the ego to focus all of its energy on the earth plane.

Here is how Nisargadatta Maharaj describes it: “The world is the abode of desires and fears. You cannot find peace in it. For peace you must go beyond the world.” And this is what heaven on earth is truly about – an experience of inner peace without the idolatry of possessions and appearances.

The insightful response to the prayer “…thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven” is found in the awareness that heaven is not of this world. It is in the world of God, the realm where you have destroyed all that you have amassed and where you find the peace that Sri Nisargadatta refers.

Your higher self is beyond this world of life and death where appearances are touted as all important.

Some Ideas for Transcending Appearances

  • Take a few moments to become very still. In silence, start to release your attachment to the importance of outer impressions. You might visualize yourself building a huge bonfire and imagine tossing things into the fire. Throw in your jewelry, clothes, automobiles, trophies, everything, even your job title. With each item that goes into this imaginary fire, feel yourself being freer and freer.
  • Remove labels attached to your life. Make an attempt to describe yourself without using any labels. Write a few paragraphs in which you do not mention your age, sex, position, title, accomplishments, possessions, experiences, heritage or geographic data. Simple write a statement about who you are, independent of all appearances.
  • Look for the loving presence in others. Take a day to attempt to see the fullness of God in everyone you encounter. Rather than seeing only another physical being, tell yourself that the Christ in me is meeting the Christ in you. Or spend a day silently reciting the word “love” whenever you encounter another human being. This has such a powerful effect that you may choose to use it as a silent background mantra throughout your day.
  • Remember that you build muscle by picking up heavier objects. This applies to your spiritual weight lifting too. You will build yourself up spiritually by attempting tougher and tougher assignments. One of the toughest assignments is to disregard the ego message to evaluate yourself with the criteria of appearance and possessions. But know each time you are able to be less judgmental toward others or yourself, you are becoming stronger by having taken on the heavier spiritual weights.
  • Cultivate your calling. Make an attempt to shift your career objective from self-absorption to a calling. That’s right, a calling. Remind yourself that this is an intelligent system and that you are here to be love and have love by serving. Use your talents and special interests to fulfill your service with your calling. Your life work will take on a dramatic shift toward abundance, and you will feel on purpose and on the path of the sacred quest.

— Dr. Wayne W. Dyer