Cycle through to Intuition

Self study and surrender to something greater than the ego, are tenants of the work we do together in bringing light, hope and unconditional love to this planet. Learning the inner voice is key to this process.  

Intuition is the very tool that we have been endowed with as human beings that links our physical body with the connection to the nonphysical, Source energy, the Higher Self, Buddha nature (insert your name for the ineffable here).   

We receive clues in our body as chills, goosebumps, a ringing in the ear, a twitch of the eye, a shiver up the spine, a pit in our stomach, a sense of knowing, a hunch, a voice that already knows the answer.  These subtle messages are source energy speaking through our body as intuition, “Yes! This is it!”, or “No, not in our best interest”.  

How many times have you been approached to do something and from the moment you were asked, you had a feeling in your body that said “no, this doesn’t feel right”  or “I’m over committed but I should do this for this person”?  When all is said and done, there’s a feeling of “I knew from the beginning I shouldn’t have done that!”

Have you experienced an opportunity to do something amazing when a nervous flame of excitement jumps from your belly to your throat?   In the moment do you step forward to the challenge or cower in fear or lack of feeling worthy only to see the “opportunity” when you are lying in bed trying to sleep?  Isn’t it time to close the gap between acknowledging the “knowing” after the fact?  Wouldn’t it be amazing to feel empowered in the moment to trust and act upon the intuition?  What would your life look like if you started to honor the signals in the body as a worthy guide?  What would it feel like to pause and ask your spirit filled body for guidance in making a decision?

When we lead a life guided by source energy, there is so much less struggle, worry, fear and doubt and there is so much more abundance, love and spontaneous joy.

But you know all this, already.  The challenge in life is that we know so well what we should do, but we don’t know how to make it happen in our lives.  Here are a two awareness practices to align intuition with Source energy.

The first step is learning to trust intuition.  The next time you hear something and your body responds with goosebumps, PAUSE and say to yourself, “This is what alignment with source energy feels like.  This is my body’s response to experiencing what resonates with me in this moment as truth.”  The next time you feel a pit in your stomach or get a “bad feeling” about something, PAUSE, take a breath and ask yourself, “This doesn’t feel good, is there another option?”  (Hint: There’s always another option, but that will come in the later work).  Acknowledgement is the first step.  Learning to recognize your intuition, by pausing and giving it bit of acknowledgement will open a warm space in the heart for an ongoing friendship to be kindled.

The second step is to know your bodies cycles and rhythms.   Our body is changing in time with rhythms on earth and in the sky.   The Earth Cycle, one year,  is marked by through the solstices, equinoxes and cross quarters. The Moon Cycle, one month, is calculated by the moon phases while the Sun Cycle, one day, is noted by the rising and setting of the sun.  In each cycle, we go through a metamorphosis and require different kinds of foods, movement, stimulation and relaxation, along with nourishment on a Soul level.    

When we are attuned with the cycles in nature, we begin to notice the rhythm of our heartbeat with that of the earth, sun, moon and stars.  Conscious Charting is a way we can observe our body’s rhythm with unconditional love.   For example, to explore your body’s rhythm with the moon, each day for a month you would chart how you feel, what you crave, eat, drink, how you move, sleep, dream, bowel movements, stress levels, meditation, social outings, etc.  Nightly you look at the moon and note the its phase.   At the end of the month you do a little analysis.  When was your most active and social moon phase?  Where did you feel over committed stressed and need more rest?  The following month test it out.  Plan time to be out with friends during the moon phase you felt most social last month and put a stay at home, cook, read and nourish myself day on the calendar for next month, according to when you could  have used it last month.  

Charting hacks our life rhythm, so we can be the best knowers of ourselves.  We can then begin to trust our body as an ally, as a spiritual guide and a worthy home for Source Energy.   


Tracking the moon with our bodies cycles is a wonderful way to make peace with your body, display an intelligent form of self care and transcend limiting belief systems that hold us carnage to a social structure that confines personal growth.  

Empowerment means you own your mental and physical health, you are the best knower of yourself and you are in charge of your healing and growth.  There can be no effective or lasting empowerment without first developing intuition.  

If you’d like to join a month-long group of women tracking the moon, I have an online program starting in March.