One on One Sessions

There are three ways I work with people in a private setting.  Each format is meant to meet you where you are in integrating the spiritual and material.  According to your current preferences and needs, choose between Mentoring, Private Yoga or a Healing Sessions.


Are you ready to make some changes, write that book, grow your business, figure out what this next phase of life holds for you?  Are you ready to start living the life you came here to live? Do you need support integrating your spiritual practice into your material world.  Imagine how it would feel to have someone to talk to about your goals, challenges and growth?  Someone who could take great notes, help you organize your thoughts and create a clear plan with what the best next step to take would be. 

Through mentoring hundreds of yoga teachers, I realized we consume knowledge but never fully integrate it. We need to learn how to use our inner guidance system.  Having a mentor means you have a sounding board, an accountability partner, a cheerleader and a sherpa for the narrow parts of the path.  I'm known for my "fierce grace".  I hold each one of my clients at the highest vibration possible, nothing less than an angel of light.  If you feel called to grow into your next vibration, book a discovery session and let's see if we are a good fit.

Before working with Summer, I lacked emotional intelligence, was confused and couldn’t fully accomplish my passions and goals. Through her fierce grace of mentorship, I’ve been given the tools to be my own authority and relax into the moment with clear communication.
— K.A. Artist and Yoga Teacher

Private Yoga Sessions

For those who need flexibility of time and location, need attention to alignment, are nursing an injury or dis-ease.  Private Yoga lessons are a unique way to take your yoga practice to another level.  With all eyes on you, hands on adjustments in every pose, and a practice designed on the spot for the exact way you are feeling on any given day, you may find inspiration to cultivate a daily practice.

Benefits of privates:

  • Ask questions in the moment as they arise:  Yoga philosophy, odd feeling in a pose, anatomy, meditation...Ask!

  • Develop a plan for Home Practice: Learn a  sequence that you can do at home in between sessions.

  • Fine tune your Alignment:  Correct small details and find long term comfort in the body.

  • Work with an Injury or Health Concern: Each class is tailored to your present moment body and mind

  • Convenience of time and location:  Meet at the beach at sunrise or roll out of bed into cat/cow.

  • Seasonal Attuning:  Your body and your energy change during the season, your yoga practice should too.  Acclimate to the seasons by learn to balance out your practice

“From my time with Summer I have gained strength, flexibility and so much more. Summer's gentle adjustments and micro-tweaking of my alignment, reflecting her extensive knowledge of the human body, have helped to deepen my poses and open my body in new ways. One surprising benefit is that after several private sessions with Summer, my personal yoga practice has taken off. I'm newly inspired to make time for yoga nearly every day. Even when Summer is not guiding me in the present moment I hear her voice and recall her instruction. A private yoga session with Summer Quashie is a true gift to my essence and well being.”

                    -Jamie Sussel Turner, Business Coach, Author, Principal


Artisan Healing Session

The artisan healing sessions I offer combine Reiki, AromaAcupoint and Intuitive healing.  I open a sacred and safe space where I invite my guides to meet with your guides, my higher self to meet with your higher self.  The work is facilitated from the unseen realms.  I use the specific placement of organic therapeutic grade essential oils on acupoints to remove blocks in the energetic, physical and emotional bodies, so healthy life force can flow.   Sounding, tuning or a guided journey may be used as a way to integrate the spiritual and material worlds.

You will experience a shift on all levels of your being and the healing work continues for several weeks after our session.

At the end of our session, you will be given self care practices and intuitive guidance to work with what you experienced.