Intuition, Unconditional Love, Fluctuation

The moon is our stellar connection to the concept of cycles.  Tides, animals, emotions and the female body all respond to the cycles of the moon.  Why is this significant?  What is the connection between the moon, water and our body?

As women we don’t have to be victims of our emotions. We can learn a more intuitive way that allows the fluctuation of emotions to be a gift rather than a curse.

Women for ages have gathered around moon cycles.  The Moon Calls offers us a chance to virtually come together each week as modern women to honor and study ancestral tradition, our present experience and how we can support the future of women.

The Moon’s biggest gift is the empowerment to trust our inner guidance system- Intuition.

In this course you will:

  • Investigate how the body can be a sweet ally, by practical ways of developing intuition and healing our harsh inner critic. 
  • Receive guidance and empowerment to create your own meaningful rituals around each phase of the moon.
  • Learn to chart the moon with your body’s rhythms, in this month of deep self care.

Join a group of moon-lovers in a month long discovery of the moon phases and how they relate to modern living.

To follow a system of right and wrong times to menstruate set forth by another, is not lunar wisdom.   It wasn’t until I started tracking and meditating with the moon that I experienced  beyond book knowledge- the particular energy each moon phase has and  was encouraged to embrace the natural fluctuations in my cycle that were reflected in my life’s changes.  

The moon calls are about knowing one’s body as a worthy guide, that has permission to fluctuate. 

You will get:

  • A custom made downloadable moon journal with prompts to track your cycles.
  • A weekly call discussing each phase of the moon.  
  • Call recordings and notes will be sent the following day.  You’ll have access to these all year.
  • Personal live online community support to share ideas, findings and moon love
  • Essential oil suggestions, guided meditations and lifestyle tips for each moon phase.
  • Weekly Journal Prompts sent to your inbox.
  • A private facebook group to gather with women who are new to this work and others pro-trackers
  • A personal moon tracker workbook that supports daily charting.



The Moon Calls Program Details


The Calls:

Join each call live to ask questions and share your experience about each moon phase. We will discuss the energetics of each phase and how we can best embrace this energy to release old story lines and create a laser sharp focus into our transformation. Each call will include a ritual you can do for the week, ways to focus your energy and essential oils that embody the energetics of the phase we are studying. And don't sweat it if you can't make the live call, they will be emailed for later listening. In fact, you could listen to them each moon phase for the rest of the year!

email for the next upcoming Moon Call course:


Call in details will be sent with registration. As soon as you register, you’ll receive the Moon Journal and your Moon Tracker so you can get a jump-start on the course.

The Journal:

Explore how personal beliefs can dogmatically lock us into shame, judgement, resentment and fear. This 38 page ebook contains history tidbits of women’s moon cycle and myths, yoga poses for your menstrual cycle with images and instructions, practices for aligning with the moon and a breakdown of each moon phase.

The Tracker:

Become the expert in knowing your own body and it’s rhythm. Reclaim the power that is rightfully yours regarding your natural cycles and wisdom to trust them. This google spreadsheet goes beyond taking your temperature to find out when you’re ovulating. You’ll keep track over a month’s time all the bodies rhythms and begin to notice the patterns.  

The Community:

A private Facebook group is already in place with women sharing their experiences of the moon.  Weekly calls and homework activities will get you connected to other women.  

Do you already have a women’s circle?  Deepen your connection and commit to this month-long study together.  Email about a special group discount.


Summer Quashie is a “yoga witch” who has a passion for the moon and its relationship to the cycles in our lives. With over 15 years of experience teaching yoga, intensive Buddhist training and intuitive guidance as a healer, she brings magic to the everyday details of human existence. As a homeschooling mom, she knows how challenging it can be to juggle the details of being a modern spiritual woman, so she balances a good dose of laughter with her hardcore dedication to ever expanding.